NATAS Seattle

Hello Again

Hey there folks. We do apologize for being away for awhile. We have been really busy with our company and that has left us very little time to keep up with this site. But, we are back and we should be posting regularly. We plan to do a lot of business reviews, including small local business’s, online shops, and everything in between. We always like to give recognition to the small guys that are working really hard and don’t get noticed that easy, or as much as the big boy companies do. This means that local services such as computer repair, ac repair, car repair, window tinting, limo driving, locksmiths, bathtub refinishing, and whatever else we think of will be included in our reviews. We will also be doing straight website reviews. SO please keep checking back for daily or weekly updates. We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding, and support. Have a safe and wonderful day!

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