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New Flavor From One Hit Wonder Called Juice Box

Afternoon everyone. Today we are here again to talk about a very popular new E Juice flavor from the ever so popular One Hit Wonder Team. This one is pretty delicious and amazing. It tastes just like apple juice, the actual flavor profile. We had the opportunity to try it the other day and we were blown away at how good it was. it comes in the usual 1HW packaging and bottles, 180ml with 2 extra 15ml bottles for traveling. You can buy some of this outstanding new e liquid which is called Juice Box by One Mad Hit over at The Best Vape website. They ave a few left for sale, but not many they told us. If you want to try this new amazing e juice we suggest you get on over to their site and buy it now. I am sure some sites have more inventory then these guys but they have the best shipping and customer service we have ever seen. We have placed quite a few orders from them and each time we get a email within an hour that the order has been processed and shipped. They also only use USPS Priority Mail so you should get your shipment in 2-3 days. Plus, they charge a flat rate of $3.00 for shipping no matter what, and they pay the difference. That is a really good deal, and very nice of them to do. The guys over at The Best Vape are all very nice, polite, and respectful. They are always there to help with whatever it is we need, and they always reply via email within a few minutes. Their customer service is 100% top notch, all the time. Besides the excellent customer service their prices are extremely competitive with the other online shops. Normal bottles of One Hit Wonder juice are $59.99 but they have this juice priced around $54 I think, last time I checked. The Juice Box flavor they just came out with is a collaboration between 2 rock star companies, One Hit Wonder & Mad Hatter Juice.

If you want a bottle of this new Juice Box e Juice then we suggest you check out the site we have been talking about, while they still have it in stock that is. Their home page is here so just follow that link and click Shop to buy the juice. I think you can also use a coupon code if you want, I believe you can try 10off for 10% off your total purchase. That would drop your total cost to around $50 and then there is that $3 flat rate shipping cost, but you are still way ahead of what other shops are charging for this e juice. Trust us on this one, you will absolutely love this new apple juice box flavor. We fell in love and everyone else we have made try it loves it as well. Don’t be the only one who has not tried it. Get a bottle now. Oh yeah just a quick note, they only have 3mg strength in stock, and that is all they every sell. I am pretty sure they do that intentionally, as most people who use Tanks & Drippers use 3mg. Ok well that is it for today, go buy yourself some new juice at their site before they are sold out. Have a great day!

The Best Vape Reviews On The Internet

Good afternoon everyone, we are here today to tell you all about a great website that is growing in popularity on a daily basis. They specialize in doing Vape Reviews for only the most popular products on the market, or the ones coming to the market the near future. They have a strict set of rules and guidelines when it comes to accepting products, and they are not doing them for free stuff or any type of compensation. More on this later.

One of their latest posts is the Crown 2 Tank Review and they are one of the first sites to feature this special review. This is one of the most desired and most anticipated Sub Ohm Tanks that people are talking about and patiently waiting for. The first version of the Crown Tank by Uwell was a major hit in the Vaping Community, actually it is probably one of the best Tanks o the market all together. Thee have been hundreds of Tanks released since the original tank was released and not one of them has lived up to the Uwell Crown. The first one is well known for the spectacular flavor and the large cloud production. This new version is just as good, and actually better. It will hold more e-juice, has a 1 twist top fill feature, new and improved coils, and much more. The Crown 2 is sure to be another hit in the community, that is for sure. If you do not own the first one then you should definitely get the second one.

Now back to the site we are writing about. They really did an excellent job on this review. They have tons of pictures, diagrams, a quick spec section if you are in a rush, and a more detailed section if you want to read about it in detail. If you haven’t checked out their site yet then we suggest you do so when you leave here. You will see some great product reviews about Tanks, DNA 200 Mods, E-Juice, and lots more. Either way, go to their site and make sure to pick up a product they have reviewed to help them out as much as possible.

Long story short, these guys over at The Best Vape are doing a great thing by reviewing these popular products. We all know how much of a let down it is when we see a product online that we think we will love, and then it gets delivered and it’s not as good as we thought it would be, or it just plain sucks. That is what normally happens when a product comes out, people hype it up and consumers make bad decisions. That is why it is imperative that you support the guys over at The Best Vape so that they can continue to bring us these fantastic reviews of all the up and coming vape products that are on their way to the online shelves. They firmly believe in educating buyers so that they do not waste their money on the newest flashy thing out. They want people to only buy products that they want or are really going to use and enjoy.

Ok guys and gals, that is it for today’s review. Make sure to have a wonderful and safe day. Oh and lastly, just a FYI, we do not and never will accept money or any form of payment to write a review. This is dishonest and we will not stand for it. Now that is really it for this blog post. Take care and see you soon. Keep checking back for new stuff.

Hello Again

Hey there folks. We do apologize for being away for awhile. We have been really busy with our company and that has left us very little time to keep up with this site. But, we are back and we should be posting regularly. We plan to do a lot of business reviews, including small local business’s, online shops, and everything in between. We always like to give recognition to the small guys that are working really hard and don’t get noticed that easy, or as much as the big boy companies do. This means that local services such as computer repair, ac repair, car repair, window tinting, limo driving, locksmiths, bathtub refinishing, and whatever else we think of will be included in our reviews. We will also be doing straight website reviews. SO please keep checking back for daily or weekly updates. We greatly appreciate your patience, understanding, and support. Have a safe and wonderful day!

We Are Back

Ok everyone, we are back and in full force now. Apologies for the site being down, but we had some internal issues going on and we just got it resolved the other day. So now the site is live again, and we have to upload all the old content to the site. Unfortunately we lost all of our readers during our down time, but hopefully if enough people spread the word they will re surface again. If not then we need a new strategy right? So this is just a small post to let everyone know that we are here and here to stay. Please keep checking back for updates and new content.

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